Your virtual brand

Easily create a new brand on Glovo
and expand your business!

What is a virtual brand?

It is an additional brand dedicated to delivery only that you can operate from your current kitchen without having to invest in a new physical location. 

You will expand your business and reach new customers taking advantage of your current staff and the ingredients you already use.

You can either create an additional store by separating a category from your current menu or by developing an additional type of cuisine

How does it work?

Create a new menu with dishes and ingredients from your current kitchen

You decide the name of the brand

Request the activation of the new brand by filling the form at the end of this page

Your new brand appears as a different restaurant on Glovo, using the same device.

Create your virtual brand and make the most of your kitchen

This free guide offers great and useful tips on how to create a virtual brand for delivery only

What are the key benefits?

Expand your business risk-free

Without having to invest in a physical restaurant. Your kitchen staff can handle more orders during the same working hours

Greater visibility

Your store appears in two filters on the app

Additional source of revenue

Additional source of revenue

Partners that have taken part have increased their sales by 40% on average

Success Story

Until recently, this partner from Spain, “Pollos Rikos” only had one brand in the “Chickens” section of the Glovo app. As well as chicken, it offered various Latin dishes. At the end of March they decided to create a virtual brand that they could  use to market their Latino dishes: “Ceviches La Peruana”.

They’ve already increased their weekly orders by 30% on average. What’s more, 60% of the users that ordered from “Ceviches La Peruana” had never ordered from “Pollos Rikos”… And all that with no additional investments!

Are you interested?

To find out more about creating a virtual brand and how to request it, click on the button below and fill in the questionnaire. Our team will get in contact to assist you, with no commitments or additional costs for you.