Offer promotions to our Glovo users so they can discover you!

Do you want greater visibility?

Create your own promotions for Glovo users directly in the Partner WebApp. Partners that have already run promotions have seen sales increase by up to 60%!

The perfect promotion

Currently, you can create free and flat delivery campaigns through the Partner WebApp. This means the users won’t pay delivery fees on your orders (you will cover the cost). We’ll be adding more types of promotions soon!

Free delivery

or flat delivery

Buy one

get one free

Percentage discount

on your menu

How to create a promotion

Visit the Partner WebApp, access the “Promotions” section with your administrator code and click on “Create campaign”.

Enter the information requested (name, stores where it will apply, dates of the promotion and optional budget).


You can only run one campaign at a time. Therefore, if you have a campaign currently active in the Partner WebApp, or if you are participating in other promotional activities organised by Glovo, you won’t be allowed to create other campaigns until the previous ones are finished.


We have prepared this document providing answers to the most frequently asked questions on this topic.


Remember that the costs of promotions will be added to your regular invoices.