The marketing programme to improve your visibility and brand image

Do you want to appear in the top 10 in your city?

Now you can invest in improving your positioning to appear in the top 10 restaurants or stores in your city. Some Partners that have already tried it increased their sales by up to 300%, and are still investing!

The prices will vary depending on the city, you can consult them here.

Additional benefits

Boost your store’s visibility and conversion rate to get more orders

Strengthen your brand image by appearing as a top Partner on Glovo

How can I take part?

If you’re interested in improving your positioning, please fill out the following questionnaire.

Here you can see the details of the associated costs depending on your city.

Remember there are limited spots!

*Due to the high volume of request from Madrid and Barcelona, we ask that Partners in these cities do not request the “Positioning” service, as there are no more spots available.