New 3-digit code to ease the pick-up of your orders!

Given that the Order ID is quite long to remember and difficult to identify, we have created a separate, shorter pick-up code to help you and the courier identify which order(s) need to be picked up.

This new pick-up code is prominently displayed for each order in the Partner WebApp, as well as on the upper side of the printed tickets (if you use a device with a printer).



Please note, the pick-up code is only to be used for the order pick-up. This code is not unique, which means that the same pick-up code can appear more than once in different days.

Therefore, for any other matters not regarding the pick-up, please keep referring to the original Order ID code, which is the unique identifier of each order. For instance, refer to the Order ID if you call Partner Support and need to identify an order.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a message via the “Help and Resources” button in the Partner WebApp (Profile section).