How to manage your cash orders effectively

If an order is identified as a “cash order”, it means the courier will pay for it in cash when they collect it from your store.

This means you’ll get cash instantly instead of having to wait until invoices are generated and paid for. The goal is to attract new users who are reluctant to use debit/credit cards and get a lot more orders as a result.

How to manage cash orders?

To identify an incoming “cash order”, on the order description page you should see the sentence “Payment method: Courier will pay in cash” (the same sentence will appear on the Partner WebApp). Also on the Partner WebApp / Sunmi / Tablet, you’ll be able to see which of the orders you managed were paid for in cash (Reports > Order history). These are identified with an icon shaped like a banknote.

Please make sure you request payment in cash from the courier, as it’s the Partners’ responsibility, and not the couriers’ to ensure this payment takes place at the store. The courier will pay for the total order value (excluding the delivery fees the user pays for). If there are any issues, please call the Partner Support number.

In addition, there is a small chance that, due to some unforeseen circumstances, an order that you already accepted is paid for in cash and it was not supposed to be. We recommend that you always check the Partner WebApp as it contains the latest and most accurate information with regards to each order.

Invoices will continue to display a summary of all your orders and, at the end of the invoice, the orders for which you have already received cash payments will be subtracted from the total amount that appears on the invoice. Remember: from the Partner WebApp, you can view and filter your orders based on whether the order was paid for in cash or by card.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact us via the “Help and resources” button on the Partner WebApp (“Profile” section).