How to get more orders

At Glovo we want to help you give your business a boost. So, we’re offering you tools and advice on how to increase your brand’s visibility, your traffic of users in the Glovo app, and your sales. 

Get 30% more sales with photos on your menu

If you have to choose between two equal products, but one has a photo and the other doesn’t, which are you going to pick? Images on the menu give the consumer more confidence. We’ve seen that products with photos generate 30% more sales compared to those that don’t have images on their menu. 

Increase your average ticket with combos

Combine products inside a closed combo and offer a small discount for buying them together. That way, you’re giving a benefit to the user at the same time as increasing your average ticket size.

Send your request to change your menu through the WebApp (section: Profile>Help)



Through promotions you can increase your visibility in the highlighted “promotions” carousel in the Glovo app and make your sales grow by 45%.

What promotions can you offer to your customers? Free or discounted delivery, a percentage discount on products or 2 for 1 deals.

Enter the Promotions section and make your business grow.

For more information or questions related to these services, send us a message via the “Help and resources” button in the Profile section of the Partner WebApp.