Courier importance

Glovo’s success is only possible thanks to its 3 main pillars, each of equal importance: Partners, Couriers and Customers. So the more we collaborate, support, and care for each other, the better results we’ll all achieve.

When couriers deliver products to users in the best conditions, customers are satisfied and tend to order again. So please consider the Courier like one of your best customers, as they are the ones delivering and representing your product in front of your customers. The more we can facilitate their activity, the better the quality of the delivery and, in the end, the higher the customer satisfaction.

Please find below some suggestions to improve Couriers’ satisfaction and facilitate both their job and your operations, so that your orders are delivered effectively:

– Treating Couriers respectfully

– Informing the Courier if an order will take longer than expected and reasons why, so they can keep the customer informed

– Designating a specific area in your store so that Couriers can wait for orders without disturbing other guests

– Offering fresh water to Couriers on warm days

Finally, please note that we’re also proactively informing Couriers about different actions they can take to ensure that the needs of Partners like yourself are also met.

We’d appreciate it if you could share these best practices with your team.

Together we can all go further.