New design updates on the Glovo app

We’ve redesigned some parts of our Glovo app in order to attract new users and also ensure that existing ones keep ordering more and more from Partners like you.

What are the key improvements?

– We’ve replaced the store description with its filters (a maximum of two) so users can identify stores more quickly and you get more clicks. Also, the user can now see at a glance:

  • The store average delivery time, if set (if not, the distance to the store will be shown)
  • The store rating, displaying the number of rated orders in parentheses next to the rating percentage

– Inside each store, the Store Rating is now easily identified as “Excellent” if it’s 97% or more,or as “Good” if it’s between 92% and 96%. If the rating is lower, only a thumbs up is displayed.

We recommend you check out our infographic for tips on how to avoid bad ratings.

Many more improvements for both users and Partners are coming soon… so stay tuned!