Discover Glovo’s new ranking for positioning on the app

This week, Glovo announced a new ranking that allows partners to improve the positioning of the restaurants in the app. The new algorithm aims to give a fair chance to every store based on their performance. The ranking also considers Partners that just joined the platform and the proximity with the users.

Glovo’s new ranking is based on 4 factors: Conversion Rate, Partner Performance, Newness and Fairness and Distance Factor.

Let’s deep dive on each one…


Conversion Rate: How can stores convert better

Partners with more sales will be ranked higher in the wall. 

Learn about the three main variables that will help every store to grow their delivery business starting with improving the Menu on the app

Stores that have better pictures, descriptions and reviews, including the restaurant’s website, performed better. Products with pictures and descriptions are 3 to 8 times more likely to get added to cart.

Customers have preference to select stores based on their dish descriptions as it has key information for them to take into account such as ingredients, size of the product, allergens.  This is why descriptions should be to the point (no more than 250 characters) and be present in the majority of products. Also, photos make it much more visually appealing to customers. Glovo analysis shows that products with images tend to be purchased 3 times more often than those without images.

Learn how to make the most of your menu in this post.


Another way of improving the conversion rate that helps stores to have a better position on the Glovo App is by making promotions.

A promo is quick and easy to create, Partners can have it running in less than 10 minutes through the WebApp from mobile devices, desktop or the Glovo Sunmi. 

There is no cost for creating a promotion, stores will only cover the discounts given to their cu

stomers. This way, Partners have full control of the promotions they create, including setting a maximum budget for it, or stopping it at any time.

Creating promotions may result in a significant increase in orders and new customers. Stores can attract customers by offering promos with free or fixed-fee Delivery and also a discounted price or 2 for the price of 1. Learn how to set up a promo by reading this post.

At last, pricing also is considered as an important factor for the conversion rate. This means that stores should offer users products with fair prices.


Partners Performance: Offer a better experience to your customers

Partners who perform better in terms of ratings, waiting time and cancellation rates, will be ranked higher in the wall. This way, Glovo rewards with a better position in the app to those stores that offer a better experience to their customers. Happy customers always order again!

Customers give bad ratings whenever they experience that their order has missing or wrong products or if the meal tastes bad or has a bad quality. Learn how to avoid bad ratings following this guide

Waiting time is also considered on the Partner Performance Factor as this increases the customer satisfaction. Take into account the time it takes to prepare the different dishes and push the “order ready” button once it is done so the courier will pick up the order on time. Need tips on how to improve the waiting time?  Find some helpful advice in this guide. 

At last, cancellations is the third thing to consider in the performance factor. Stores should avoid order cancellation by deactivating if they are running out of certain products and also change the schedule if they will close. Want to know more? Learn how to avoid cancellation here.


Newness: When you are new, the app will give you more visibility

You are new on the Glovo App? Don’t worry. The new ranking in order to be fair takes into account if a store is new and will be ranked higher on the wall. 


Distance: Closer options to customer will be considered first

Finally, the distance will be considered as the fourth factor in the ranking. This means that Partners who are closer to the delivery address will appear first than stores that aren’t. This also will help Partners to have a better waiting time, and thus, a better experience for their customers.