Courier proximity

One of our main priorities is to help our Partners manage their orders more efficiently.

Therefore, we’d like to inform you that we have introduced two major changes:

  • We’ve improved the accuracy of the estimated arrival time of the courier to your store.
  • We’ve redesigned the order screen. The orders are now sorted in the priority of courier arrival and the time left for the courier to arrive is now more visible. Additionally, the arrival time displayed for the order will start flashing green when the courier is 4 min away.
  • We trust this will enable your staff to start preparing the order at the right time, so that it’s ready right when the courier arrives to pick it up.

We truly hope these new measures help you manage your day-to-day business better.

Remember, it’s key that you start preparing the order as soon as you receive the notification, and not later or even when the courier reaches the store, given that this will delay the delivery time and have a negative impact on the customer’s satisfaction.

You can check this infographic that covers this and other tips to improve preparation time.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message through the Profile Section of the Partner WebApp.